Baycom Driver For WinPack!

A Baycom driver for WinPack is now available! To use it you have to use WinPack with BPQ node software running underneath Windows. The driver uses BAYDRV.VXD, written by G7JJF and a TSR which I (G4IDE) have written to interface BAYDRV to BPQ. The driver comes with a reasonable level of documentation, but, if you aren't familiar with the BPQ node, you need to learn about that from the BPQ docs.

If you downloaded V1.1 of the driver, it's still worth downloading this latest version. Firstly, because I have renamed it and I would prefer this to become the default version. Secondly, because the comments in the docs about problems with 16550 UARTs are now MUCH more optimistic! Certainly my own problems that I was experiencing with some 16550s are now completely solved. The new docs contain details of a suggested mod for modems built on PCBs from a well known UK supplier (Badger Boards). Click here if you don't want the driver but are interested in this modem mod.

A PLEA - If you download this driver and decide to put out a message on packet about it, PLEASE first read the NODE2BAY.TXT file! Really, I don't think anyone should be announcing it on packet if they haven't tried it themselves. What's the point? You could be telling the world about something which is totally crap!

I have chosen not to announce it on packet myself, because, to keep my life as hassle free as possible, I don't do that sort of thing any more. Therefore, please put sufficent detail in any packet message to ensure that it won't result in people asking me questions about it which are clearly answered in the docs.

Here is the first paragraph of the the .TXT file:-

NODE2BAY.EXE V1.3 (c) G4IDE, June 1997

This file contains some very useful information. The last paragraph
might be just as interesting and useful as the first, so please try and
read it all!

What It Does
NODE2BAY.EXE acts as an interface between G8BPQ's BPQCODE node software
and G7JJF's BAYDRV Baycom driver for Windows - that is why it is called
NODE2BAY. It allows Windows packet applications which support BPQ (such
as WinPack) to be used with BAYDRV and therefore with a Baycom modem.
NODE2BAY is not in itself a Baycom driver, BAYDRV.VXD is the driver,
which is (c) Jon Welch, G7JJF. If you have any problems using BAYDRV in
conjunction with NODE2BAY.EXE, please contact myself, DO NOT contact
G7JJF. BAYDRV is a very clever piece of software and I would like to
thank G7JJF for giving his permission for it to be used in this

Click here to download the driver package NODBAY13.ZIP.

Click here to download BPQAX25.ZIP - which you may find useful for testing BPQ with your Baycom modem in DOS before you attempt to get it to work in Windows.

Click here to download BPQ 4.08a (this is the version you need to run underneath Windows).

Click here to download BAYTEST.ZIP - a VERY simple program for testing Baycom modems.

When people start using BPQ with Windows, they often get interested in running BPQ on an ethernet link, for "how to do it" with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 read BPQWFW.TXT. (I'll try and write some notes for BPQ and ethernet with Win95 in the near future.)

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