G0OPC's Add-Ons For WinPack

All these ZIPs are small and all contain full instructions.

WINPF102.ZIP - WinpFilter is a WinPack DDE application. It allows you to filter monitored text so you only see lines that contain specific text.

WINPLOG.ZIP - WinpLog is a program for viewing the WinPack AUTOLOG.TXT file.

WINPM205.ZIP - WinpMail allows you to read and delete archived sent mail. It also include a bulletin reading facility with a topic filter.

WINPCAP2.ZIP - WinpCapt is a program for reading and printing files in the WinPack CAPTURE directory.

BUTT104.ZIP - Buttons adds a floating button bar to WinPack. It has eight buttons on it, and these can be used in a similar way to the extra buttons on the tool bar in WinPack V6.4 and later. (Updated 14 January 1999)

WINPMES1.ZIP - WinpMess is a program for writing messages to send to other local packet users. It uses some of the new script commands in WinPack V6.42.

WINP7105.ZIP - WINP7 is a program to allow you to organise and manipulate 7 plus files that you download from a BBS or that are sent to you.

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