TheFirmware EPROM Images

Before bothering to blow a TF EPROM and trying to use WinPack in TF host mode. Please note the following:-

TF27B.BIN - TheFirmware V2.7b for TNC2 clones

TFPK88.BIN - TheFirmware V2.7 for the PK88

TFPK232.BIN - TheFirmware V2.7 for the PK232

TFPK232M.BIN - TheFirmware V2.7 for the PK232MBX

TF26ENG.TXT - This is the latest TF documentation that I can find. If you have anything newer (in English) please let me know.

TFPKENG.TXT - Documentation for the PK versions of TF. (This is a supplement to TF26ENG.TXT, it doesn't replace it.)

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