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UI-Point32 is an add-on for UI-View32 that allows you to plot APRS stations on Microsoft MapPoint 2002 or MapPoint 2004 maps.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS - To use UI-Point32 you MUST have UI-View32 V1.66 or later, and you MUST have MapPoint 2002 or MapPoint 2004 installed on your PC. It will not work with MapPoint 2001.

MapPoint is a big, slow, clunky program, and it has a few bugs. I cannot do anything about those basic facts.

The biggest problem with the slowness is how long it takes to add a pushpin to a MapPoint map. (Pushpins are used to display the APRS icons.) On the PC I use for development - an 800MHz Athlon with 512MB - I can add about 1,000 icons in one second to a map in UI-View32, I can add only about *seven* pushpins in a second to a MapPoint map, and it gets much slower the more you add.

Obviously, on a fast PC the slowness is less of a problem. I currently run UI-Point32 24/7 on a K6-2/450, and it is quite usable provided that I filter out internet traffic.

V1.22 single file full Installation - uipnt122.exe (1.22Mb)

Changes in V1.22 - If you have both MapPoint North America and MapPoint Europe installed on your PC, there is a a set-up option to say which one you want it to look for first when the program starts. I have worked round a problem in Italian MapPoint that stopped UI-Point32 working. In countries where ',' is used as the decimal separator, the longitude/latitude of a saved map could change when it was reloaded.

PLEASE NOTE - UI-Point32 V1.22 was built referencing UI-View32 V1.84, so if you find it will not run, you probably need to upgrade your UI-View32.

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