The decoder works as a plug-in (add-on) with UI-View32 V1.65 or later.

The top frame shows the current location of PCSAT. The Predictions button produces a list of pass data for the next three days. There is an option on the Options menu to download automatically download Keps.

The grids show the decoded telemetry data. If you hover the mouse over a decoded value, the tooltip text shows the frame sequence number from which the value was derived, and the date/time at which the frame was heard.

The bottom window shows all monitored PCSAT telemetry frames. The colour of the text indicates the source of the data - Light green is frames heard via the internet, light cyan is frames heard via RF, blue is frames heard via someone connected to the UI-View32 local server.

The text "The PCSAT Web Site" provides a link to

Last updated 2005-07-13