UI-View32 and Precision Mapping

Precision Mapping from UnderTow Software

From V1.74 onwards, UI-View32 has provided interactive support for Precision Mapping versions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 from UnderTow Software. This gives UI-View32 street level mapping of the whole of the USA. To support Precision Mapping, UI-View32 uses a plug-in map server (PMapServer) that integrates seamlessly into the program. PMapServer behaves like a normal UI-View32 map, but also has facilities for zoom, pan, and search. You can search for addresses, Counties, States, phone numbers (area codes), mile markers and callsigns. The new PMapServer9 will only run on UI-View32 version 2.03 and requires a registered copy of Precison Mapping Streets & Traveler v9.

NOTE: See special instructions for upgrading to PMap 8 and for fresh installs of PMap 8.
           See also notes at http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/pmap8_notes.htm.

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PMapServer7 is a free add-on for UI-View32. To use it, first download and register a copy of UI-View32. There are versions of PMapServer that will work with with Precision Mapping V5, V6 and V7. PMapServer7 was developed by Bill Diaz KC9XG and underwent intense beta testing from Dec 29 2004 until Jan 6 2005. Several screenshots can be seen at www.billdiaz.dynip.com and also here on the UI-View site.

Required PC Performance

Roger G4IDE SK always said that a P120 with Win95 was the minimum spec PC on which UI-View32 will give acceptable performance. When used in conjunction with PMapServer, he recommended using at least a P200, because on a P120 the map was too slow to change. If you already have Precision Mapping installed, then scrolling the map display in Precision Mapping Traveler will give you a good idea of how UI-View32 with PMapServer will feel on your PC. If you find that your computer is too slow to properly run Precision Mapping on its own, it isn't going to get any better when using it with PMapServer7 in UI-View32. The minimum spec for UI-View32 with Precision Mapping 7 and PMapServer7 should probably be a 500 MHz machine.


You cannot use UI-View32 without a registration. See the UI-View main page for more information.

It was a condition of Roger's development licence from UnderTow Software that PMapServer will only run on a PC on which a registered copy of Precision Mapping V5, V6 or V7 is installed. Specifically, you need to have run Precision Mapping V5 or V6 Traveler, or Precision Mapping Streets & Traveler V7 and followed the registration instructions.

It was also a condition of Roger's development licence from UnderTow Software that users had to register PMapServer V5 or V6 with Undertow. This is an almost identical procedure to registering Traveler, and you will be prompted to register the first time you run PMapServer5 or 6. Note: This registration costs you nothing. Furthermore, this step is not required for PMapServer7.

What You Need To Download And Install

If you do not have UI-View32 V1.80 or later installed, then go to the UI-View main page, download and install UI-View32 V2.03. Come back here when you have it working. When you have UI-View32 V1.80 or later installed and working, download and install the correct version of PMapServer. PMapServer7 requires UI-View32 version 2.03.

PMapServer Installation Notes:

The following requirements for apply to all PMapServer versions:

  1. You must purchase, install and register Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler from Undertow Software.
  2. You must have Ui-View32 version 2.03 installed and registered.
  3. Select the PMapServer version which corresponds to the version of Precision Mapping Streets that you intend to use:
    • Precision Mapping Streets 5.0 requires PMapServer
    • Precision Mapping Streets 6.0 requires PMapServer6
    • Precision Mapping Streets 7.0 requires PMapServer7
  4. Precision Mapping Streets registration for PMapServer and PMapServer6:
    • You must register Precision Mapping Streets, and Precision Mapping Traveler
      before you can register PMapServer or PMapServer6.
      This requires a total of 3 registrations.
  5. Precision Mapping Streets registration for PMapServer7:
    • You need only register Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler 7.0 before installing PMapServer7.
    • This version requires only 1 registration compared to 3 with earlier versions.
  6. You can have all 3 versions installed and usable in Ui-View32 at the same time.

There are three versions of PMapServer! Select the version that applies:

  1. PMapServer pmsrv150.exe (2.18MB) is for use with Precision Mapping V5
  2. PMapServer6 pmsv6170.exe (2.50MB) is for use with Precision Mapping V6
  3. PMapServer7 PMapServer707A.zip (5.41 MB) for use with Precision Mapping V7

The versions for Precision Mapping 5 and 6 are self-extracting installers. When you run the EXE file, it will take you into an installation dialogue.

PMapServer7 is in ZIP format. Once you have saved it, unzip it into a folder and then run SETUP.EXE file, or just double-click on SETUP.EXE in the ZIP file and run it from there..


  • You should not install PMapServer into the same folder as UI-View32.
  • It is strongly advisable that you accept the installation defaults.
  • Do not install it until you have run UI-View32 at least once.
  • It is recommended that you reboot before installing.
  • There are three text files included with PMapServer7. These will be shown to you during the installation, but if you wish, you may view the files here. These three links will open in a new window. Just close that window to return here.
    • Licensing Conditions For PmapServer7 (licsetup.txt)
    • Installation Instructions (ReadMe.txt)
    • Installation Notes (readpms.txt) Reading these notes is especially important if you have used a previous version of PMapServer or if you have had Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler running since last rebooting. This file contains notes on some of the common mistakes that can be made if you forge ahead without reading ALL of the installation instructions.

Searching for Mile Markers

PMapServer7 comes with the file MILEMARK.DAT. This file contains the data that allows you to search for mile markers in PMapServer7. However, the original file didn't contain data for California, Pennsylvania, Maine or Hawaii. An updated copy of the file is available at MILEMARK.DAT. Clicking on this link will view it in your browser. Although you could copy & paste the data from there, you can save a couple of steps by just right-clicking on it and then choose "save target as" and save it on your hard drive. If you want to keep a backup copy of the original, just rename it to something like MILEMARK-OLD.DAT ahead of time and then place a copy of the updated file in the PMapServer7 installation folder. Thanks to Bob Bruninga for recently typing up the data for California, Pennylsylvania and Hawaii. The data for Maine may be added shortly.

I Can't Work Out How To Use PMapServer!

When you install PMapServer, two "readme" windows are displayed, no-one ever reads that sort of thing, so here is part of the text from one of them...

When you have installed PMapServer, the next time you start UI-View32, the map list will include a map named "Precision Mapping V.x Server". (version 5, 6 or 7)

The first time you select this map, you will be asked to browse to your Precision Mapping program installation folder, so that PMapServer can work out the location of the Precision Mapping data files.

Further configuration can be done at any time via the PMapServer Control Panel, which is accessed via the UI-View32 "Map - Control Panel" option. The Control Panel also provides access to the PMapServer help file. For PMapServer7, the help is also available in the Map menu. Note - the help for PMapServer7 will refer to PMapServer6. Please ignore that.


PMapServer and UI-View32 are supported through the UI-View mailing list on Yahoo Groups. The TAPR APRSSIG should be used for general APRS questions. The UI-View list is dedicated to support of programs developed by Roger G48DE SK, and replies there are seen by hundreds of users and will hopefully prevent the same questions being asked over and over again. Click the logo YahooGroups logo for information on how to join the UI-View list. Or you can join by sending an email to ui-view-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. It doesn't matter what you put for the title and message content.

In Conclusion

If you get stuck, please read the above notes again. If you're still stuck, and you're sure the answer isn't in the above notes, then please join the UI-View mailing list for further assistance.